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Somewhere Safe to Live

We are a provider of housing as well as of support. People who have a tenancy with Fylde Community Link do not have to use us as their support provider - they can use another provider, employ staff directly, or choose not to have support.

The tenancies we provide fall into three types:


Shared Supported Living 

Individuals have a tenancy for their bedroom and shared use of other facilities in a house which is shared with between 2 and 5 other people. Normally the kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared (although there may be en suite facilities.)  This is a good living situation for people with complex needs or who need full support with daily living tasks. People with more moderate needs may also choose shared supported living as a companionable way of living alongside others. 


Flats with Background Support

Individuals have a tenancy for their own flat which has a kitchen and bathroom. There are up to 6 other flats in the building which are all let by Fylde Community Link to individuals with a learning disability. Elsewhere in the building there may be a communal sitting room and a staff base; the sitting room is available to tenants who may like to watch TV or talk together, and staff are available for support as needed. Background staff support may be available all the time (24/7) or only for part of the time, depending on people's needs. This is a good living situation for people who have gained skills in shared supported living or who are looking for an environment in which to gain further independence.


Independent Living Accommodation

 Individuals are provided with a tenancy for a house or flat to live in, and may access care at home (domiciliary) support if required. Having a Fylde Community Link tenancy - as opposed to one from a private landlord - means that there is readily available help with housing related matters such as repairs and maintenance which can be carried out by trusted and reliable workmen. It also means that if someones needs change, adaptations to the house can be made quickly and well. This is a good living situation for people who want to live in a safe, supported environment with full control of their home and  dont want to share with others.


If you would like information about current vacancies or to discuss plans for the future, please contact us