CQC Inspection - December 2017

See our latest inspection report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The report can be found by clicking on See the report below.


 Merger News

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May 2018 Newsletter

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FCL 30th Anniversary Quilt - April 2016

The idea of a commemorative quilt for our 30th anniversary presented itself as an opportunity for everyone connected with FCL to work side-by-side on a creative project. The people we support, our staff teams, our board members and the Friends of FCL all worked together, each person making a quilt square which represented themselves. Community Arts Facilitator, Bernie Velvick agreed to oversee our project and drafted an ingenious design featuring five curved panels made up of the quilt squares. These panels, designed to be displayed together, form a flowing, organic creation which reflects the character of FCL.

Each panel is made of fabric squares with designs appliqued using iron-on fabric adhesive, a technique accessible to everyone who took part. We chose a colour scheme of reds, blues and yellows. Bernie supplied us with an array of fabrics and offered a vast library of stencils so that those who did not feel confident drawing freehand could pick a stencilled image which reflected their personality and interests.

We began holding a series of monthly quilt workshops in August 2015 and by February 2016 were ready for all the pieces to be collected and assembled. Throughout March, Bernie joined up the squares and worked on the curved lettered borders which featured phrases from our mission statement and lines from the ‘Anniversary Rap’ composed by people we support. Shortly before the unveiling date we had a trial run, assembling the panels in the main hallway at our Church Road offices so the wall fixings could be put in place.  The final unveiling took place at our April Staff awards night when a team of ‘quilt hangers’ slipped out of the event and hung the panels so that everyone coming out of the ceremony saw the completed work for the first time. There was great excitement as quilters pointed out their squares to family and friends. Many people commented how impressed they were that the quilt, which they had imagined would be a rectangular affair, should turn out to be such a creative work of art. Our thanks go to Bernie Velvick and everyone who took part for helping us to achieve this beautiful, lasting image of FCL at 30.

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Driving up Quality Self-Assessment - February 2015

Our Driving up Quality Self-Assessment is now available and can be found here.

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CQC Inspection - May 2014

We were recently inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and were judged to be compliant with the 5 statutory outcomes inspected.  You can view a copy of the report here.


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Social Care Commitment

We have signed up to the Social Care Commitment.  This is a voluntary agreement between employers and employees to improve the quality of care and support services and public confidence in these services.  To find out more about the Social Care Commitment, please click here.