Fylde Community Link | Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Fylde Community Link is a locally focussed, independent, community led charitable provider of support and housing to people with learning disabilities.

Its reason for existing is:

To be a leader in innovation (trying new things) inclusiveness (involving everyone) and transparency (being open and honest.)

Everyone who is part of Fylde Community Link therefore strives:

To make available responsive (to what people want) , flexible (because people change) and affordable (because money is limited) services for people who need them and by doing so support individuals

  • to overcome challenges and so live the best life they can have,
  • to push past low expectations and so achieve everything which is possible, and
  • to balance taking risk with staying safe and so have rich experiences

To make available suitable housing which meets peoples individual needs in the right place at the right cost using a variety of partnerships and by doing so enable individuals

  • to have a home which is safe and happy
  • to exercise real choice over their home environment
  • to live where they want, with whom they want for as long as they want to